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The Ultimate Trading Service for Short Term Timing


We apply our proprietary SuperForce60 buy and sell signal oscillator with our leading-edge analysis of the 60 minute charts for the major markets!


Our industry-leading five point buy and sell programs are the best in the business.  We’re on this full time trading virtually ALL the buy and sell points ourselves, exactly as we give them to you!


We’re Precision-Oriented.  And we're money makers!


We challenge any trading service out there to compare with us.  They can't.  We’re market winners, lower cost, clearest in our buy and sell points, and absolutely committed to making you money, while managing risk by focusing on the major asset groups!  And we are busy doing it ourselves!



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 Welcome to SF60!

This website is simple and effective.  Trades are based on 60 minute candlestick charts, whereas at Super Force Signals we use daily candlestick charts.


Moderation is the key to professional wealth building.

Here are the rough rules of thumb for trade size.

SF25 SIGNAL: Allocate roughly 0.25{4c22813c1fa13cd276d8b9421a16f5ba419b4f87110a92d24926c1bee2cf7afa} of the account to the signal.

SF50 SIGNAL: Allocate roughly 0.50{4c22813c1fa13cd276d8b9421a16f5ba419b4f87110a92d24926c1bee2cf7afa} of the account to the signal.

SF75 SIGNAL: Allocate roughly 0.75{4c22813c1fa13cd276d8b9421a16f5ba419b4f87110a92d24926c1bee2cf7afa} of the account to the signal.

SF100 SIGNAL: Allocate roughly 1{4c22813c1fa13cd276d8b9421a16f5ba419b4f87110a92d24926c1bee2cf7afa} of the account to the signal.



The signals can be used by those who do enjoy stoplosses, and a 3{4c22813c1fa13cd276d8b9421a16f5ba419b4f87110a92d24926c1bee2cf7afa} - 10{4c22813c1fa13cd276d8b9421a16f5ba419b4f87110a92d24926c1bee2cf7afa} stoploss is preferable in that case.  We don’t use stoplosses because of the very small trade size, and because of our accumulation orientation. 

Enjoy the site. 

Thanks for your business. 


The Superforce Team







The Super Force Team Are Not Financial Advisors.


Please consult numerous financial advisors with reputable firms before acting on anything communicated thru the SuperForce websites.


Your minimum risk on all investments in the world, including govt T-bonds, is 100{4c22813c1fa13cd276d8b9421a16f5ba419b4f87110a92d24926c1bee2cf7afa} loss of capital.


Leverage can produce even greater losses.  Never invest more than you can afford to gamble and lose.